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Before You Go....

Your guides are on the way to your inbox right now. Before you head over to check them out, we wanted to offer you the chance to explore TalentSheets.

We started TalentSheets so that influencer marketing could be done more easily and solid results could be more accessible to every brand no matter their budget.


As you now know, we've worked with hundreds of brands spending more than $100M on influencers across our careers and earning an average 5X return on that spend. We've taken years of success and learnings and distilled into the most cost-effective solution on the market.

Typically we offer TalentSheets for as low as $19/mo. – already an insanely low price. However, because you're taking initiative and trying to learn more about influencer marketing, we want to celebrate that and help you get started even easier.

That's why for a limited time we are going to give you 12-month access to TalentSheets for one low payment of $99. That's as low as $8.25/mo. (or about the equivalent of a value meal at McDonald's).

Now there's no excuse. You can get the tools and framework we use to drive millions in revenue for an even more affordable price. Hopefully, you're a DOER and going to take today to DO something that will greatly impact your ability to start or scale your influencer efforts. Can't wait to share in your success!

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