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The Best Influencer Marketing Tools

for Google Drive Users.

Affordable, Automated Software to
Manage Influencer Campaigns in Google Drive.

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Try Our Google Sheets Template and Chrome Extension Risk-Free!

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Get our ultimate
Influencer Outreach Templates  
sequence + strategy tips for FREE!


Import influencers directly into Google Sheets
with the TalentSheets Chrome Extension

     - Influencer Names, URLs, and stats

     - Performance Data

     - Available contact Information

     - Suggested Rates 


Finding the right influencers is hard, but using the TalentSheets Chrome Extension to browse TikTok, YouTube and Instagram is a breeze. Automatically import into Google Sheets:

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Automate the most time consuming campaign tasks with our powerful Google Sheet templates


We created the ultimate influencer marketing spreadsheet template for managing influencer campaigns, then we supercharged it with our TalentSheets Google Sheets Add-On, including:

     - Automated bulk email delivery

     - Shipment tracking

     - UTM tracking link creation (with

     - Performance reporting, and much more! 

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Automatically generate influencer contracts in Google Docs, all vetted by experienced lawyers 

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You're probably not a lawyer, but a good template goes a long way, especially when it's fully automated. The TalentSheets Google Docs Contract Template has been drafted by experienced lawyers with standard market terms to simplify negotiation.


Using the TalentSheets Google Sheets Add-On, you can simultaneously generate 50+ carefully crafted influencer campaign contracts with just a few clicks.*​​

*Our services and contract templates do not constitute legal advice. 

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Sundae Collective

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"Super happy to be an early adopter of TalentSheets. For marketers who like the flexibility and simplicity of working in spreadsheets, this is an amazing product. Honestly feels like I have super powers executing my influencer campaigns with TalentSheets - the Chrome Extension and Google Sheets Add-On are a killer combo."


Founder, Honest Social

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"Before TalentSheets, I was using custom spreadsheets to manage my influencer campaigns - now I can't imagine ever going back to my old workflow. TalentSheets is so simple to use and plugs straight into my campaign management process. I save TONS of time each week and it costs me next to nothing. One of the best investments I made for my influencer efforts this year."


Founder, Maxwell Skincare


"I wish I had this years ago. TalentSheets saves me countless hours at each step in my influencer campaigns - building talent rosters, email outreach, contracting, tracking shipping, creating links, and reporting. For $15 bucks per month, the value is insane."







We've worked across hundreds of influencer marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 brands and startups alike, with individual budgets into the tens of millions. No matter what software we used, we kept getting the same question: 

"Can you put this all in a spreadsheet for us?"

Why yes, we can. After successfully building and selling our first influencer marketing company, gaining years of experience running and optimizing influencer marketing campaigns in multiple verticals, we've distilled our 10,000+ hours into an effective, unbeatably cost-effective solution that makes influencer marketing easier and far more accessible to brands and agencies of any size around the world.

Get started for $0.99, cancel anytime.

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