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So you're interested in TalentSheets...

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Smart. Really smart...

Imagine an army of influencers selling your brand and products over and over again... allowing you to have the successful business you set out to build.

Let's get you set up with the only solution you need at the budget you can afford

For nearly a decade, we've been fortunate enough to start, build, or help grow the influencer efforts for some of the best performing and most well-known DTC brands on the planet like Warby Parker, Harry's, thredUP, BarkBox, and hundreds more. In fact, this led to our last influencer company being acquired by AT&T.

And, now we're offering an unbeatable suite of tools that allows marketers of all sizes to more readily scale their efforts and better compete with the largest brands on the planet. TalentSheets allows you to more easily identify influencers that align with your brand identity, pull their relevant performance metrics and auto-input into Google Sheets, generate tracking links, track product shipment, draft contracts in bulk, and track content performance.


All with a simple click of a button.

All without needing to know how to code or build complex formulas.

All from within Google Chrome.

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