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FREE Influencer Strategy Webinar!

Learn the latest influencer strategies and best practices, including the Top 3 Ways to Identify and Recruit Influencers... 

Each participant gets our Influencer Quick Launch Templates for Free!

Our founders have launched, built, and grown influencer programs for brands like Warby Parker, Harry’s, thredUP, Squarespace, and more!

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Import influencers directly to Google Sheets

with the TalentSheets Chrome Extension

Finding the right influencers is hard, but using the TalentSheets Chrome Extension while browsing YouTube and Instagram is easy. Automatically add your favorite influencers, performance data, contact info, and suggested payment rates directly into Google Sheets. You'll also get recommended matches from our database of 200,000+ profiles, all at the same time. 

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Supercharge your productivity with automated TalentSheets influencer templates


We created the ultimate spreadsheet template for managing influencer marketing campaigns,  developed from years of experience managing $100,000,000+ in influencer marketing budgets. Then we supercharged it with our TalentSheets Google Sheets Add-On, including bulk email, shipment tracking, automated link creation, automated reporting, and much more! 

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Automatically generate contracts in Google Docs, vetted by experienced lawyers 

You're probably not a lawyer, but a good template goes a long way, especially when it's fully automated. The TalentSheets Google Docs Contract Template has been drafted by experienced lawyers with standard market terms to simplify negotiation - now you can simultaneously generate 50+ carefully crafted legal agreements with just a few clicks.*

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*Our services and contract templates do not constitute legal advice. 



We've worked across hundreds of influencer marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 brands and startups alike, with individual budgets into the tens of millions. No matter what software we used, we kept getting the same question: 

"Can you put this all in a spreadsheet for us?"

Why yes, we can. After successfully building and selling our first influencer marketing company, gaining years of experience running and optimizing influencer marketing campaigns in multiple verticals, we've distilled our 10,000+ hours into an effective, unbeatably cost-effective solution that makes influencer marketing easier and far more accessible to brands and agencies of any size around the world. 

Get started for $0.99, cancel anytime.

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Sundae Collective

TalentSheets is slick AF... it's my secret weapon

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Founder, Honest Social

I honestly don’t know what I was doing before I started using Talentsheets. It’s so simple to use and plugs straight into my current workflow. I save TONS of time each week and it cost me next to nothing. One of the best investments I made for my influencer efforts this year.



Founder, Maxwell Skincare

I wish I had this years ago.

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