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Automated Templates and Tools for Influencer Marketing

Save time, increase efficiency and boost sales by turning your
Google Drive into an automated influencer marketing platform!

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Limited time risk-free trial - You'll love yourself for trying TalentSheets!
Only $0.99 for 14 days (cancel anytime), then just $9.95 per month


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Sundae Collective

"Super happy to be an early adopter of TalentSheets. For marketers who like the flexibility and simplicity of working in spreadsheets, this is an amazing product. Honestly feels like I have super powers executing my influencer campaigns with TalentSheets - the Chrome Extension and Google Sheets Add-On are a killer combo."

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Founder, Honest Social

"Before TalentSheets, I was using custom spreadsheets to manage my influencer campaigns - now I can't imagine ever going back to my old workflow. TalentSheets is so simple to use and plugs straight into my campaign management process. I save TONS of time each week and it costs me next to nothing. One of the best investments I made for my influencer efforts this year."



Founder, Maxwell Skincare

"I wish I had this years ago. TalentSheets saves me countless hours at each step in my influencer campaigns - talent identification and research, building talent rosters, email outreach, contracting, shipping, UTM creation, and campaign performance reporting. For $10 bucks a month, the value is insane."

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