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TalentSheets: Bulk Creation of Influencer Contracts Using Lawyer Vetted Legal Forms

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

TalentSheets is a time-saving suite of power tools that collectively turn your Google Drive into a fully functional influencer marketing platform, seamlessly working across Gmail, Chrome, Google Sheets, and Google Docs.

One of the most popular time-saving features of TalentSheets is the ability to automatically generate multiple legal contracts for influencers at the same time, using a contract template that is fully vetted by industry veteran talent lawyers and optimized with market standard terms to help simplify negotiation.

TalentSheets is able to simultaneously generate contracts for each influencer in your campaign by referencing the other relevant information in your TalentSheets template (from both the “Roster Tab” and the “Legal Tab”) and inserting this information automatically into our lawyer-vetted contract template via Google Docs. The TalentSheets system then sends you a single email that contains separate links to each individual contract that was generated in Google Docs, so you can quickly review and tailor each one before sending it out for signature. This will save you a ton of time!

Here’s how it works: once you’ve decided which influencers you want to work with (by selecting “Y” for Yes in the “Partnering” column of the “Roster Tab”), click on the “Legal Tab” and fill in any remaining information for each influencer, for example:

  • Publish By Date: Enter the date by which you want the sponsored post(s) to go live.

  • Deliverable 1, 2, 3: Select which deliverables you would like the influencer to provide. We’ve included a pre-populated drop down selection that includes the most common influencer marketing deliverables, but you can also customize these selections in the “Data Tab” as well.

  • Contract Needed?: In this field, simply select “Y” for Yes for any influencer for whom you’d like to generate a contract.

Once you’ve entered the relevant information into the appropriate cells and you’re ready to generate contracts, simply navigate to Add-ons > TalentSheets > Generate Contracts and select ‘Single Contract’ or ‘All Contracts’ depending on how many of the contracts you want to generate at once.

TalentSheets will then automatically generate a contract for each influencer separately (pulling in all of the information that is specific to that influencer, e.g., Talent name, price/rate, deliverables, etc.) and then send you a single email containing a link to each influencer contract in its own separate Google Doc. You can then open and review each Google Doc contract separately, make any necessary edits, and once ready, send it out for signature by each influencer.

To make this individual review process even easier, TalentSheets will show each item of information that was inserted from your TalentSheets template in red text - so you can quickly identify where potential edits might be needed:

Also, note that each contract includes a “Schedule A” section, where you can include your own description of deliverables, any “Do and Don’t” instructions you want to product, product details or specifications, and any other expectations you want to set for the influencers in your campaign:

Once you’ve reviewed all the automatically inserted information, made any necessary edits, and added any additional specific requirements into the Schedule A, then you can simply “Select All” text in the Google Doc and change the text color to black. You’ll then have a clean, legally vetted contract ready to send out to each specific influencer in your campaign for review and signature!

To learn more about how TalentSheets can help you save time and increase ROI on your influencer marketing efforts, keep reading our other blog posts!

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