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Auto Generating Unique Tracking Links and Links Using TalentSheets

TalentSheets is the easiest, most cost-effective way to turn your Google Drive into a robust influencer marketing platform, with powerful tracking and data analytics features.

One of the most important metrics for evaluating the success of any influencer partnership is how much traffic a particular influencer drives to your website. This is most commonly measured by the number of clicks received on a unique tracking link associated with a particular influencer individually. For example, is one of the leading services for generating unique short links, which are therefore well recognized and widely trusted by influencers and consumers today.

Even so, generating unique tracking links for every single influencer in a campaign is still a time consuming process. That’s why the TalentSheets Google Add-on includes a direct integration with, making it incredibly easy to generate unique tracking links for each influencer in your TalentSheets template (pulling necessary information directly from the “Roster Tab”). Of course, to take advantage of this integration, you will first need to create your own account, which can be done here. Please select the “Sign up with Google” option for the best experience with TalentSheets.

Link to sign up for using Sign up with Google:

Once you’ve linked your TalentSheets account with your account (see this Blog post for more details), the process of generating unique, shortened links for each influencer in your campaign is very simple. First, navigate to the “Bitly Tab” in your TalentSheets template and enter into Cell A3 the full URL of the web page to which you would like influencers to send traffic. Specifically, make sure to include the “www” but note that you do not need to include “https://”...

After you’ve entered your target URL into Cell A3 of the “Bitly Tab” then each time you indicate that you’re partnering with a specific influencer listed in the “Roster Tab” (i.e., by selecting “Y” for Yes in the “Partnering” column of the “Roster Tab”), TalentSheets will then automatically generate a unique tracking link in the “Final Linking URL” column by pulling in the URL information you entered in Cell A3 previously.

Once these unique tracking links are generated in the “Final Linking URL” column, you’ll then want to create shortened versions of each link so that influencers can easily include these shortened links with their sponsored posts (e.g., in the description below their sponsored YouTube video) - this is where the integration comes in handy.

Simply navigate to Add-ons > TalentSheets > Generate Bitlys and TalentSheets will coordinate through your linked Bitly account to automatically generate a unique, shortened Bitly link for each unique tracking link corresponding to each influencer in the TalentSheets template (based on the UTM links in the Final Linking URL Column).

Once your links have been generated, you can then simply share each unique link with the appropriate influencer so that he or she can include their unique link along with their sponsored YouTube video or Instagram content once posted. You will then be able to attribute all the clicks for any given unique link to the specific influencer who included it with their sponsored posts, giving you visibility into which influencers are driving the most (or the least) traffic to your target URL.

Even better, as we’ll outline in our next Blog post, the “Performance Tab” of the TalentSheets template will then automatically pull in the relevant click data for each unique link that has been generated via TalentSheets. In addition to the other automated reporting capabilities of the TalentSheets template, this will allow you to automatically calculate critical metrics like your Cost Per View (CPV), Cost Per Click (CPC), Click Through Rate (CTR).

To learn more about how TalentSheets can help you save time and increase ROI on your influencer marketing efforts, keep reading our other blog posts!

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