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TalentSheets: Adding Influencers to Google Sheets When Browsing YouTube and Instagram

Here at TalentSheets, we’re thrilled to offer you a suite of tools that will not only turn your Google Drive into a full featured influencer marketing platform, but also, do it at an unbeatable price.

The flexibility and power of Google Sheets, Google Docs, Chrome and Gmail means you can use TalentSheets as your primary influencer marketing solution, or as a supplement to any existing platform you currently use - for example, to consolidate and share data across different tools, clients or team members.

One of our favorite tools in the TalentSheets suite is the TalentSheets Chrome Extension (find it here), which allows you to instantly evaluate potential influencers and add them to Google Sheets while browsing YouTube and Instagram.

Using the TalentSheets Chrome Extensions is exceptionally easy. When viewing any profile page for a YouTube or Instagram creator, just click the TalentSheets Chrome Extension icon and in a few seconds you’ll see a bunch of relevant performance data to help you evaluate whether you’d like to pursue a partnership with them, including:

On YouTube:

  • Engagement Rate

  • Expected Views

  • Suggested Base Rate

On Instagram:

  • Engagement Rate

  • Projected Likes

  • Average Likes per post

  • Suggested Base rate

Once you’ve determined that a given YouTube or Instagram creator meets your criteria, you can instantly add them to a new blank Google Sheet, or one of our proprietary TalentSheets templates, packed with features to help automate your influencer marketing campaigns.

When you use the TalentSheets Chrome Extension to add an influencer to Google Sheets, TalentSheets will instantly populate your Google Sheet with relevant data for that particular YouTube or Instagram creator, including:

  • Talent Name

  • Channel or Account URL

  • Number of Subscribers or Followers

  • Average Video Views

  • Expected Video Views (a projection based on historical median performance)

  • Engagement Rate

  • Suggested Rate

  • Email address (if publicly available), or you can insert email addresses manually

This allows you to quickly and easily assemble potential rosters of talent for any influencer marketing campaign and to stay organized for next steps, all in a flexible, intuitive format, where you can add your own columns, formulas, and other custom calculations (and easily share with team members or clients).

But it gets better! Using the TalentSheets proprietary Google Sheets template, you will be able to then automate many of the necessary next steps needed to launch successful influencer marketing campaigns, including:

  • Sending bulk emails to Influencers

  • Creating unique tracking UTM links and shortened (social media friendly) links

  • Generating multiple contracts simultaneously using lawyer vetted TalentSheets legal templates

  • Tracking product shipments to influencers through USPS, FedEx, or UPS

  • Automatically tracking and reporting performance metrics for any live sponsored posts

To learn more about how TalentSheets can help you save time and increase ROI on your influencer marketing efforts, keep reading our other blog posts!

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