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TalentSheets: Building Talent Rosters to Automate Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

TalentSheets is designed to turn your Google Drive into a fully functional influencer marketing platform at a fraction of the cost that most other “platform” based services charge.

Our suite of tools are baked into the TalentSheets Chrome Extension and the TalentSheets Add-On for Google Sheets, which together include a host of other features and functionality working across Gmail, Chrome, and Google Docs to automate influencer marketing as much as possible.

In this article, we’ll show you some of our favorite time-saving features of our proprietary TalentSheets template for Google Sheets, which helps you manage successful influencer marketing campaigns end-to-end with Gmail, Chrome, Google Sheets and Google Docs.

You can quickly and easily populate your Google Sheets with relevant YouTube and Instagram influencer data using the TalentSheets Chrome Extensions (available here). For an overview of the TalentSheets Chrome Extension, check out our previous blog post, “Adding Influencers to Google Sheets When Browsing YouTube and Instagram” as well as the full Chrome Extension “How To” video.

Coming back to Google Sheets and the proprietary TalentSheets template, notice that our template has multiple tabs at the bottom of the sheet to help you manage all of the most critical and time consuming aspects of any successful influencer marketing campaign. These tabs include:

  • Roster

  • Bitly

  • Shipping

  • Performance

  • Legal

  • Data

Roster Tab

The Roster Tab is your “home base” when setting up your influencer marketing campaign. This tab is where all data from the TalentSheets Chrome Extension is automatically entered, so you can set up the later steps for your campaign. This data includes:

  • Talent Name: Based on the influencer’s YouTube channel name or IG handle. Note that when an influencer has their IG account linked to their YouTube channel, TalentSheets can pull information on each profile and relevant data for each profile is then included on vertically adjacent rows.

  • Channel URL: Either the URL for the influencer’s YouTube Channel or IG Account. This makes it easy to quickly reference each influencer’s underlying YouTube or IG account whenever needed.

  • Content URL: Once an influencer has posted your sponsored video and it is live, simply drop in the URL to the appropriate cell in this column and you’ll be able to view and automatically update performance stats for your sponsored posts.

  • AVV: For YouTube, “Average Video Views” is the average number of views that an influencer gets on their most recent videos.

  • Expected Views: For YouTube, “Expected Views” is the number of views that TalentSheets expects an influencer to get on their next YouTube Video, which is a calculation based in part on median performance rather than average performance.

  • Suggested Rate (Min/Max): TalentSheets provides a suggested payment amount for each influencer based on their audience size, level of engagement, and other performance metrics, like Expected Views. The range can be quite large depending on the type of integration as well, e.g., at the lower end of the range you might get a quick 15-second shout-out, while at the upper range you may get a fully-dedicated video and the raw video file for use in any and all media.

  • Talent Fee: This column allows you to enter the actual negotiated rate that you reach with each influencer, which can then be referenced in the “Legal Tab” for auto-populating contracts and in “Performance Tab” for calculating your Cost Per View (“CPV”) or Cost Per 1000 Views (“CPM”).

  • Partnering (Y/M/N): This column allows you to indicate whether you will in fact be moving forward and partnering with a specific influencer, by selecting “Y” for Yes, “M” for Maybe, or “N” for No. If you select “Y” for Yes, this selection is then referenced by the other tabs in the TalentSheets template to trigger additional automated actions.

  • Email: Once an email address is entered into this column, you can use the TalentSheets Google Add-on to send a bulk email template to 1, 10, or 50 recipients at a given time, all directly within the Roster Tab. The bulk email template can also be edited and customized at any time to include the specific details you’d like to communicate to influencers in your campaign at that time.

Pro tip: A great way to test the bulk email functionality is to enter your own email address into one of the rows and then sending a few test emails to yourself, while also editing the template as you go. This will allow you to get comfortable using the bulk email template feature effectively when reaching out to actual influencers.

That’s a quick overview of the “Roster Tab” - your home base for managing influencer marketing campaigns with TalentSheets. The “Roster Tab” is a fantastic tool for building out lists of influencers that you may want to work with and tracking your progress as you create relationships with influencers who can help you share and spread your message.

To learn more about how you can use the TalentSheets template to automatically generate legal contracts and Bitly links, track shipping status, automate reporting of social performance metrics, and more - keep reading the TalentSheets blog!

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